Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Young American Socialites 101

Let's not lie, we all have that one or two or three people we love to creep. Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, these people usually live luxurious lives filled with Manolos and European vacays and drunken nights with minor celebrities or pro athletes or whatever. They're rich and well-dressed. OR of course there are the idiots you love to creep just because they are so outrageously stupid or slutty or weird or whatever.

Anyway, meet Hailey Rhode Baldwin. Daughter of Stephen Baldwin and niece of Alec, rumoured girlfriend of lil heartthrob Cody Simpson, and bff with a shitload of other celebrity kids running wild around LA. Guys. This is real life Gossip Girl. All over Instagram for everyone to see and addictive as shit. They model in random campaigns and party with Ryan Gosling and then spend the day on the beach before going to charity auctions and, like, masquerade balls. We have No. 1 Canadian Skank Paulina Gretzky and that's about it. Warning: it is highly addictive and may make you feel bad about yourself


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