Monday, December 24, 2012

What I'm Wearing Edition No. 1

I don't normally like to do these personal journal-diary type posts, and I didn't used to on the original Studio blog BUT I learned that people are much more drawn to personally narrated blogs than the absent omniscient voice thing I was doing before. So, whatever.

These posts are dedicated to Fashion By Night. There's a big gap in the editorial market for this - LookBook, the Sartorialist and all those guys generally do photos and idea boards for daytime fashion but not really for hitting the town at night. These are two very different ballgames so I'll be focusing a lot on fashion at night, when by god you want to look good.

Striped shirt: $20 H&M
Burgundy shorts & Bit belt: $20 H&M
Gold Chain necklace: from 69 Vintage on Queen West
Minnie Mouse watch: Was mine as a kid. Found it in my room over the holidays. The colours complement the burgundy shorts. Mix it up.

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