Monday, December 17, 2012



Welcome to Studio647. 

This is a YYZ blog born and raised in Toronto, dedicated to the 416 and the 647. I have no word to encapsulate what it will be. Music, Film, Fashion, Politics, Current Events, Global Affairs, Health, Education, Op-Eds - whatever. Just a mix of things. At the heart of it, however, and the reason the symbol is an aeroplane, is a love of the world. A love of the eclectic mix of cultures and ethnicities, languages and ideas, images and arts. Travel, culture, exploration and adventure. That's where we'll begin and see where it takes us. 


Term coined in 1855 by Joseph Pline from Ancient Greek ἀερόπλανος (aeroplanos, wandering in air), from ἀήρ (aēr, air) +πλάνος (planos, wandering).

Wandering in Air. 

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