Friday, December 21, 2012

The Combo: Lakers, Leather, & Letterman Jackets

To create a good outfit, I like to start with a statement piece. I was scouting out pieces on Supreme to put on the Gift List, and came across this purple corduroy Letterman-style jacket with yellow accents. Called the Club Corduroy Jacket, you can find it here, retailing for $188.

But what can you wear this with? The colours immediately brought to mind the LA Lakers so I hunted out some wicked vintage Lakers t-shirts:

The purple options might lead to a purple overdose, so I'd choose grey, black, or for the very daring, yellow. Pair this with black leather skinnies or for men, black skinny jeans and black sneakers and your outfit is set. A toque completes the outfit for winter.

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