Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Pocketwatch Post

For Christmas I didn't really know what to ask my parents for because frankly I don't really need anything. It was late and they'd been yelling at me for a week to hand in my Christmas List so I wrote it in 30 seconds and later regretted not being smart and asking for better things. I asked for #1. A pocketwatch (seriously) because I've always wanted one but I had zero hope that I would actually receive one.

My BF, finding our family's habit of mass emailing each other very entertaining, was laughing at our nerdy Christmas Lists one evening (I asked for anything by Foucault, my sister asked for Ideas & Opinions by Einstein, someone else asked for donations to the WWF, pretty nerdy ish, I admit) when he made a mental note of my request for a pocketwatch. He searched high and low and actually managed to find a vintage gold pocketwatch in a pawnshop. I get that this is not everyone's idea of an unbelievably amazing gift, but to me this is spectacular.

Those are some shitty BB shots of how to wear a pocketwatch that I just took in a haze of excitement but I will be doing a real post on how to wear one soon. I'm really excited to play around with it. I have an obsession with watches and like to wear two or three at once but this is a whole new level. You can wear a pocket watch in the pocket of your jeans or skinnies, back or front pocket; in a blazer pocket; in a vest pocket; in a peacoat pocket; in the left breast pocket of a t-shirt; or even, I'm thinking, make it into a necklace piece to fasten underneath the collar of a blouse, whether it be a nice blouse, say sheer black or white, or a button-down denim shirt. I also really like mixing male and female fashion and the pocket watch is traditionally a male piece. It's a totally unique and different piece that is VERY satisfying to click open and closed a thousand times a day.

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