Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Finale: X-Factor's Fifth Harmony

Alright, so tonight was the X-Factor Finale and despite the fact that the show is aimed at 13-year-olds I hold my head up high and admit my complete and total addiction to it. As a music lover, hearing new covers of awesome songs is a thrill, and though YouTube and BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge tend to do a better job of it, X-Factor hold its own. I am completely obsessed with British X-Factor Winner James Arthur, I loved watched Rachel Crow hold down Etta James and hell I even liked Kitty Brucknell even though she's a total psychopath (girl can sing). 

This year's US X-Factor, however, has been disappointing. Britney totally fucked up with Beatrice Miller, who should've been given some Joplin and Nirvana and left to do her thing. Demi totally fucked up all her acts. She rejected poor Jillian Jensen, the girl who poured her heart and soul out in her audition (She knew your birthday, Demi! She got a tattoo to match yours, Demi! Have some heart!) before live shows even began. I don't know why she sucked up to her so much only to drop her like a stone but I have a feeling it's because that Jonas boy said she was kinda sexy. I could totally see Demi as the psycho ex-girlfriend/girlfriend type, given all her insecurity issues. 

She dropped Jensen, she soon lost interest in Willie Jones (who was awesome and had fantastic style), she totally ruined the very spicy little Jennel Garcia (loved her) by cloning herself (egomaniac) and she decided to pin all her hopes on Psychopath #1 Cece Frey. Cece was the girl we met trying to psych out her competitors while painting leopard spots on half her face. Cece was also the girl who basically bought furniture for the Bottom Two spot because she practically lived there. Demi, who is a newborn in the music industry compared to Simon Cowell and LA Reid, decided to get sassy and ignore sound advice, rebutting them with weak chirps and Bring It On-style hand motions. 

The point is that I don't really like Demi and have nothing to say about her performance with Fifth Harmony except that Dinah completely showed her up and it made for a great laugh at Lovato's expense.

Speaking of Dinah, watch 5th Harmony's cover of "Let it Be" from 2:10-2:25 because that's when Dinah basically walks away with the $5 million prize by herself. The girl is what, sixteen? and has MAJOR pipes. I like Camilla, but I sure as hell would not want to sing after Dinah. 

Below is 5th Harmony's singing Shontelle's Impossible, when they were called LYLAS and sang in front of Simon and Marc Anthony at the Judge's House. I fucking loved their rendition and thought everyone contributed well. After that they went all Jesus-y and tried too hard to be little lollipops dancing on rainbows and basically just kind of sucked. Because they are good-looking and this is how things work, however, they stayed in the competition and last week Simon decided to Ellie Goulding it up and it's done wonders. But can they win?

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