Monday, March 4, 2013


With Love in Her Eyes and Flowers in Her Hair: The Headpiece

 Ok so I have an essay due tomorrow and I am totally procrastinating, which seems to be my #1 talent and/or my only talent. Instead I am looking at pictures of pretty things. My reward to myself for finishing this goddamn essay today is going to be making my very own headpiece or possibly more than one if I don't get distracted in an hour which is unlikely but possible.

There are three reasons for the headpiece reward:

#1. It's winter and everyone is wearing toques and I've tried on like 18 different toques and I don't look good in any of them. Which sucks, so a headpiece is the next best thing.
#2. I need a change. I'm a bit bored and need something different but I lack the balls to cut my hair or do anything wildly different with it. Hence: headpieces!
#3. I just really like them and think they have that cool princess bullshit vibe going on. You have the Thumbelina crown above ^ which I wouldn't actually make/wear but is still wicked. You have the extravagant pearls and jewels which are amazing with a nice buttoned-up lady-like outfit. Like I picture the diamond one with a color-blocked ensemble or graphic blacks and whites. You have flowers which are always a big favorite of mine. Braided into your hair and shit. If only my hair would grow. Um, and you have feathers, and even those bunny ears, which might get you some judgmental riff-raff but I for one totally would not judge you.

Anyway here is a little DIY tutorial for making your own headpiece, albeit a simple one, and then if I end up not hyperventilating over this essay and actually making a headpiece I shall post a few lil pics and tips and shit on here.


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