Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spanish Aeroplanes II

My dad sent me a link to the 43 Grupo Campana 2012 this morning and while I have no idea why or where or how he found this video, I will say it's pretty cool if you're interested in flying and aviation. Gorgeous views. Check it out.

Speaking of Spanish, I have to learn another language for the UN internships I'm applying for and chose Spanish. Someone I met randomly in the Apple store a couple months ago recommended Duolingo and it is easily the best language-learning tool I've come across. After two weeks I know very elementary Spanish: it makes you repeat the words, phrases or sentences back into the computer's recorder, it says them aloud to you so you know the exact emphasis and pronunciation, it tests your memory, and to pass each level you have to take a little quiz of everything you just learned. Like the 12 Days of Christmas, they all build up, so to pass the ninth level I have to repeat what I learned in the second. It's like Gameboy on acid and I love it and if you need to learn a language you should sign up cuz it's fweeeee.

Update: I just looked up the CEO/founder of Duolingo and he's also an interesting dude. He appears to be very young and is a Guatemalan professor/entrepreneur named Luis von Ahn (does. not. sound. Guatamalan.) He's a prof at Carnegie Mellon and is a pioneer of crowd sourcing, whatever that is. In 2011 he was named by Foreign Policy magazine as one of the most influential intellectuals in Latin America and Spain.

This is Luis von Ahn. While he is successful at everything else in his life, he fails miserably at breaking the stereotype of what nerdy smart men look like. I swear they all look basically the same.

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