Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tidbits: The Pin

My mum got me this pin when I was a kid. I loved the Wizard of Oz and she gave me these ruby-red slippers for my birthday one year and I treasured them. As often happens with beloved objects, we are so scared of breaking or losing them that we rarely wear them. This one has been sitting in its box for years and I've been looking for ways to incorporate old childhood items into new outfits. Pins are a good example. They're a beautiful and unique little accessory rarely used. I personally don't like necklaces all that much: unless you have a long neck, they have a habit of breaking the lines and making your neck seem shorter and your torso seem heavier. Pins, however, are useful because you can put them on anything: I can pin this to my dress, as I did with this crushed velvet one on NYE for a festive touch, or a blazer lapel, on a collar, on a coat, on a hat, on a scarf, on a little black dress... hell, I can even put it on a purse.

Added bonus: personalized pins make for great conversation starters if you can find some really cool unique ones. Try vintage stores or make your own simply fastening a charm or item onto a pin with super glue.

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