Friday, January 4, 2013


Red is my colour of the moment, partly because it's winter and Christmas has just passed and everyone associates red with winter, and with the holidays. Partly also because I was thinking about how red is a gender-neutral colour. We know blue is traditionally male and pink traditionally female, but personally I rarely wear pink just because it washes me out and/or makes me look like a Barbie. The only pink I really like is that pale frosty pink that reminds me of ballet shoes and walls of glass and ballet bars and glossy blonde floors and white walls and a piano in the corner. I love the aesthetic of a dance studio.

Red, however, is as male as it is female, and is a bright and daring colour for both sexes. It can be anything and I like that. Also I associate it with power and boldness and all-round excellence. I would go as far as to hope that red becomes representational of this new metasex, the idea that no one is male and no one is female or rather that biological sex matters very little.

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