Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is my interview with Hayley Richman, a Montreal native with a hell of a voice. I found her on YouTube and she agreed to do an exclusive interview for the Studio. My favourite thing is discovering new music and new artists, and I would never put anyone on the blog who I don't believe in 100%. This girl has a voice that aches with a quiet power and a soulful, ethereal feel to her whole look and sound. Together these things can make magic. At only 14 years old I believe she can make a name for herself on both the Canadian and American markets. Let me know what you think and if there are other questions I should ask in my next interview, or any new artists I should interview! 

GZ: Hi Hayley. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and what do you do?
HR: Hi! I'm an (almost) 14 year old girl who's currently living in Montreal and has always loved music. I've recently started making YouTube videos with my dad because I love to sing and wanted to share music with other people.

GZ: When did you begin singing? Have you had any kind of training? Do you play any instruments?
HR: I've been singing since I was a little girl, but it's only become a big passion of mine recently. I think I was more interested in listening to music than actually creating it, but that's changed a lot over the past couple of months. I've never had any training. I do play the piano, but I've never been interested enough to become really good at it. But yes, I do bash away at the piano while belting out a song. ;)

GZ: No training!!!!?? Wow. You mentioned in a YouTube comment that the place in your videos is your dad's home studio. Is your dad involved in the music industry? Has music been a big part of your life growing up?
HR: Yes, actually. My dad owned a record company, and then later sold it. And before that, he toured & played with many bands all over the world. He's the biggest music fan I know - it's his whole life. Between playing guitar, listening to music, and (now) programming/recording music with me, it's a lot of what he does every day. So naturally, since I've always been exposed to music in my household, I became a real fanatic too. Music has always been there for me, and I'm really glad that I was introduced to it - my dad introduced me to nearly all of the music I listen to now. He also has all the CD's, as I'm sure you've seen in the background of my videos..

GZ: That's awesome. What's your favorite genre/style of music? Favorite band/singer? What's your favorite song to sing?
HR: Honestly, I have so many right now but my all time favourite band is Radiohead. At the moment though, I'm also into the legendary vocalists like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, as well as the Roger Waters solo albums. (He's the singer from Pink Floyd). I think Lana Del Rey is a unique new artist, and I appreciate the production and orchestra in her music. Oh, and I love Queen, Freddie Mercury is great. As for songs to sing.. I could go on forever, but right now it would have to be a certain Christina Aguilera song from her new album "Lotus". I'm actually going to cover it on my channel in the near future, so I don't want to give it away! ;)

GZ: Great choices. I love the mix of old and new, Freddie Mercury and Lana Del Rey, who would've thought. Where do you want to go with music? Is it something you do for fun or do you want to make a career out of it?
HR: Well I really want to pursue music, whether or not I try to make a career out of it. I'd like to keep improving and learning because it's really what I love to do. I think that things will start to make more sense to me as I get older and begin to realize what I want to do with my life. But right now, recording is just the best thing, and it makes me happier than anything else! I fully plan on continuing to make music and get myself out there, and I believe things will fall into place later in terms of a career.

GZ: You'll get there. And I think the fact that making a career out of it is NOT necessarily your ultimate or only goal really shows a purer love of music. I notice you sing a lot of older stuff - Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, R.E.M. This is great taste for a 13-year-old!! How do you feel about music today? Do you listen to any pop or are you not a fan?
HR: Admittedly, my dad helps a lot to choose the songs that I sing, but they're always songs that I am familiar with and love. I think we like to do the "classics". As for popular music today, I don't really listen to anything on the top charts. I guess I just find it a pity that most people my age don't look past the top 40 or whatever, instead they just listen to whatever is on the radio. I guess they just don't care enough to look into other stuff - it's their loss.

GZ: Completely agree. If you could collaborate with any artist in the history of music (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
HR: Hmm, really tough one because I love so many artists, but I guess it would be Radiohead because I wouldn't be able to miss a chance to sing with such geniuses. It would also be a rare and unique opportunity, because they don't collaborate with other singers at all really. I think the only time that they did was with Bjork, but never live. I also think the fact that my voice being female and Thom Yorke's being male, our tones might sound interesting together.

GZ: Hopefully one day that will happen! To wrap up, what advice would you give to other aspiring artists?
HR: I don't think I'm in any place to give advice given that I am still 'aspiring' as well, but I guess just to get yourself out there! I'm working hard to make my voice known, and to have as many people hear my music as possible. YouTube has done me wonders, as well as some people I've come in contact with. I'm also trying to let go of any shyness I might have, and not be afraid to sing in front of anyone and everyone. And most of all, I just keep practicing! Doing it is the only way to get better, so I just sing as much and as often as possible! :)


  1. I love you Hayley!

  2. This is just another Miley Cyrus scenario. The only difference is that this girl's father has better taste in music than Billy Ray. Why should we be applauding this? Let's not forget that Miley is a huge Radiohead fan as well. Thom Yorke refused to meet with her after several requests. Oh well, she will probably be the next Taylor Swift in 10 years.

    1. Are u kidding me? Why?! Cuz This girl has REAL talent! She is an old soul & u can tell she's very unique, smart & creative. Of course her father influenced her, don't ALL parents influence their children?! We should applaud ANY child who is artistic & follows their dreams.

    2. lol what? Go outside and look at a rainbow or something, clearly you need a new perspective.

  3. I just found your stuff on YouTube, you were made to sing Radiohead. Bravo....Last Flowers??? AWESOME. My daughter is a 7 year old Radiohead/Oasis/Foo Fighters junkie....I hope she turns out as cool as you!

  4. You are amazing Hayley! And to the poster comparing her to Miley Cyrus.. how can you even compare the two? Hayley's voice is completely different - she sounds like Fiona Apple, Lana Del Rey, Birdy, etc.. Miley just doesn't sound very good. Hayley is a natural talent - having her father's help is simply there to give her an extra boost in the hopes of gaining a career. Her father isn't a celebrity like Billy Ray, either. So if she ends up making it, it's because of her TALENT.

  5. Vi su canal de Youtube y tiene mucho talento, pero lo que más me gusta son sus gustos musicales alternativos. Espero que no se pierda en la selva comercial del pop y busque su estilo. Su versión de Fiona Apple me parece realmente buena al igual que sus versiones de Radiohead.

  6. simply amazing,14 years old and she has an angel,s voice.
    she can sing from portishead to radiohead,her taste it,s incredible.
    miley cyrus was singing in disney channel with her age,please don,t compare both
    best wishes Hayley

  7. I would like to know what the hi-fi kit is in the background!

  8. Voce canta muito bem saiba que voce tem fã no Brasil desejo sucesso !!!! .)

  9. I also love the choice of songs you cover. I think I have them all in my collection. My favorite one is "Roads" from Portishead !

  10. Brasil loves you Hayley!

  11. You can't compare Hayley with Miley Cyrus.
    Miley Cyrus' train blew a wheel and has run off the tracks.
    Hayley's train is most certainly on the tracks. If she (and the people around here) can avoid the mistakes Miley Cyrus made, she could have an extremely rewarding career ahead of her if that's what she decides that she wants.

  12. simplismente o melhor cover que ja vi do radiohead apesar de ser

    minha banda preferida.

  13. Hayley's voice is awesome and if people can't hear that then definitely don't have an ear for music! She will become famous and definitely a cross between Fionna and Mazzy Star 'Hope Sandoval' and would do a great fade into you cover! Amazing Haley keep it up..

  14. I have been watching her videos for a few months but did not realize how young she is. She is truly beyond her years in poise and presentation. I wish her all the luck in pursuing her dream.

  15. Hailing from Greece.To compare such GREAT voice with the tramp known as Miley Cyrus,is (at best) a HUGE mistake.That girl here,has something Miley never had,and will never get:PASSION and felling.Not to mention,taste.Go on,girl.Chase the dream,squeeze it to the last drop.You worth it,more than any of the non-talented Top-10,so called artists you have as your counterparts.Your cover of Street Spirit,ripped my soul.And I am proud that it was the 1.000th song I added to my IPod.Best wishes!

  16. Anonymous, dated June 15, 2013....This young lady has so much more than Miley Cyrus ever had !! To start, she has a Dad that seems to care about his daughter (which I don't think Miley's dad ever did). She has a cool, sultry voice which will only get better as she ages; she has a natural subtleness in her tone as well as she seems to right on key. Hayley is, and will continue to be a winner !! Keep going sweetie !!

  17. Hayley is a real talent. A quiet revolution in music. I love her tone and simplicity.

  18. Anonymous, as a musican and college educated person, I can tell you that you are ruining the one shot of rising talents to eradicate the very people like Miley Cyrus you speak of. This is the opposite case, real talent, not a hog of attention or writing on their face that they listen to obscure music to seem edgy. Miley Cyrus never took after her dad or a music passion, she took after her mom Tish real name 'Leticia' white trailer trash, cheating boob job, manipulative spoiled bratty attention whore 'actress'. There is no music in Miley Cyrus and you can't group people by age you have no idea what you're talking about, this is out of your element. This girl Haley is a damn star. I love her already. I see myself and know exactly how she feels and where she's coming from. You can't distinguish talentless narcissistic psychotic people with genetic mental illness who need the spotlight with no actual talent to live in society, from creative souls. You uncultured swine. Get off this forum and back to your community college, making us all dumber by the second