Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I'm Wearing Vol. II: Busting Out the Bustier

Ok so this was me just winging the bustier-idea with a simple black lace bustier, a pale pink blouse and a coral pink pencil skirt. A couple weeks ago I was at a party where a girl walked in wearing nothing but a black bustier, black high-waisted pants and a black fur vest. At first I was all like "Where's her shirt? Why is that girl wearing her bra?" but the look really grew on me. It's like the classier, more sophisticated version of the rave bandeau. To raves you can go ahead and wear that brutal fluorescent American Apparel bandeau but for a nice night you just......can't. YOU CAN'T! The bustier is most often used with that ratchet look of Jeffrey Campbell hooker shoes and high-waisted ratty denim shorts but because it's winter and because you don't want to get approached by men asking "how much" you can do something different with it. 

For instance, this blouse drapes amazingly well because it's a strange material. It reminds me of an artist's smock or something, so it offsets the potential sexiness of a bustier. It's loose, drapey, and pale pink, a colour that evokes ballerinas and My Little Pony. BUT because you want to highlight your curves, you can't pair it with something else drapey. I personally love pencil skirts, not just in an office setting, but at night. They are universally flattering: they tuck in your stomach, they highlight your bum, they elongate your legs, and they look classy as fuck. They don't sit at your hips like most skirts/jeans etc.; they sit on your waist. If you're anything like me and carry your weight in your hips/thighs area, this is a godsend. You want to pull your waist in and this does the trick. I shortened the skirt in the last few pictures and that works for a night out as well, but I dunno, personally I think it loses a bit of its allure. Of course I'm being a little summery for January with the pink palette but if you replace this look with a black pencil skirt, black heels, and maybe a more structured top - say a motorcycle cropped leather jacket, fur vest, black sheer blouse..

If you're really daring you can also simply rock the bustier with the pencil skirt, or a pair of high-waisted trousers. Nothing low, even if you have a nice stomach. Make the rest of your look very classy...bun...earrings.. red lips.. etc. Tuck the bustier in if it's long enough, or leave that sliver of skin. Try to tone your arms up before wearing it. BONUS: big boobs look good in most things, but big boobs in a bustier MIGHT be a little too much. If you have DDs you'll have to be extra careful to keep it classy. This look is great for smaller-chested women because a cool/colorful/sparkly bustier is still sexy even without huge amounts of cleavage ;).

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