Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tidbit: Zara Problems

My parents are diehard Greenpeace supporters and received this email today. Naturally this is very distressing news for a diehard Zara fan. As I'd one day (possiblymaybeconsideringit) like to go to j-school, I'm thinking of doing some mini-investigating and asking the out-to-lunch salesgirls at Bloor Zara if they have anything to say about this. The reactions will probably be more Colbert than BBC, but seriously, everyone I know and everyone they know wears Zara so this should probably be more widespread news. Anyway, tell your friends, hide your wallets, and shield your eyes from that highly aesthetically pleasing Zara window. 
Dear ------ & ------,

There's a fashion crime happening right now, and we're all accessories.
The fashion industry is using cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting chemicals to make their clothes. When we buy and wash these products we're releasing a toxic flood of these chemicals into our waterways and those of the countries where the products are manufactured. Our latest report from Greenpeace Labs found toxic chemicals in 58 pieces of women's men's and children's clothing from 20 fashion retailers around the world, including Canada.

We are asking for your help in telling the fashion industry's largest fashion retailer, Zara, to lead the charge and get these toxins out of our clothes and our waterways.
ACT NOW - Join the Detox campaign
Communities and workers in China, Mexico and other textile-producing countries are feeling the consequences of our consumption, as these chemicals build up in the ecosystem. We're telling Zara and other international fashion brands to eliminate toxic chemicals from their production facilities, to let consumers and downstream communities know what chemicals are being released into our lakes and rivers, and to collaborate with their suppliers to make this happen.

Over the past year with companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma, H&M, and Li-Ning all committing to Detox, our voices together have already had a big impact on the fashion industry. This time, we're targeting the world's largest fashion leader, Zara, who we hope lead the charge for change.
ACT NOW - Join the Detox campaign
Let's create a big, bold call for cleaner, greener fashion - sign the petition, and share this note with your fashion-forward friends who want toxic-free clothes and water.

With thanks,
Cassie Barker
Detox Campaign
Greenpeace Canada

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