Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Woman of the Hour: RONDA ROUSEY

More on this later but I seem to be undergoing some kind of identity crisis because I've been watching Ronda Rousey videos all day. Which is very unlike me as I am certainly not the world's biggest sports fan nor am I a fan of UFC. In fact, I have hated UFC for a long time, thinking of it as a newer version of the WWF, thinking it's tacky and stupid but more than that a proponent of violence and bullshit. As a layperson you don't see the technical aspects behind it - you just see two men slithering around on the floor together. I suppose that's with all sports, that you don't really appreciate the talent and skill unless you understand how to do it and how hard it is to do well. 

Despite my previous hatred of UFC I suppose it's not thaaat big of an alienation from my personality because it's a strong woman doing her thing and I'm always a fan of that. Still learning more about her, but I like this woman because she is tough as nails but she is still attractive. Why is that important? Right? Isn't that what you're asking? Isn't that hypocritical? No, to me, it's easier for a female competing in a masculine world to play along with patriarchal standards. It's easier for a female athlete to be butch, to dress masculine, to speak masculine, to adopt that androgynous look and to express their distaste towards the stereotypical female. Women in male arenas - whether athletic or the upper echelons of business, finance, and politics - often abandon their femininity because they feel it makes them weak. Instead they choose to be like men because it's easier to be accepted by the men you compete with.

I don't think that's right. Of course I think it's entirely up to those women to act as they see fit, but I don't like what's happened in society. There's a very strict division between smart and beautiful. Smart, tough, or athletic women are almost not supposed to be sexy, stylish or flirtatious. In the same way, goodlooking women are immediately assumed dumber and weaker. Why can't women be both? Why can't women be accepted as powerful, strong creatures without abandoning the positive aspects of femininity? 

This woman is a beast. I'll write more on her later. Still learning. 

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