Saturday, February 16, 2013

Things You Should Know About: THE COSMETICS DATABASE

OK SO IT'S READING WEEK, which means I should be.....reading....and working on the million papers I have to do but naturally I've spent my whole day lolling around looking at things. To my credit I'm sick as a dog but I still should be doing something productive. Or at least more productive to my schoolwork......But education don't got no time for learning right?

K totally not the point of this blogpost. No, came across something that I thoroughly believe errr girl should save to her favorites immediately and use accordingly.

It's called the Cosmetics Database and it's a massive compilation of data that tells you how hazardous your products are: hair products, skin products, fragrances, nails, oral care, the whole kit and caboodle. Like sulfates in your hair products are a huge deal but we're all bratty morons and we don't use the freedom of the press to our advantage. Why do you think we all get cancer before we're 60? It's systemic hazing because of pension plans and economic collapse and the what would happen when humans inevitably begin living 'til we're 100, 120, 140. Isn't it absolutely unimaginable that the average lifespan will continue to grow until we're all 200? Well not we but 'we' as in humankind and our future kin and shit. SORRY totallllly not the point of this blogpost either, but the real point is, we should be paying very close attention to the chemicals that we put on our skin and in our hair and in our mouths rather than the labels and the commercials and all that jazz.

So I tested my shampoo. I use this beauty by Organix. My hair sucks. I have nappy hair. No, like, literally nappy. It's actually not dead but because it's wavy and dry and big and coarse it looks rather dead given that I'm blonde. Frankly I'd rather have my big hair than limp flat very thin hair but I'm also forever trying to make it look moderately shiny and brighter and healthier. So I started using this stuff by Organix because it doesn't have sulfates and all that stuff, which causes various sorts of cancers. It did alright on the database:

There's my cute little toothpaste up there too, the Crest 3D Whitening bullshit. At least we're nowhere near the level of Hugo Boss cologne, which is a 9 on the hazardous scale. Abercrombie & Fitch, Diesel and Calvin Klein were all up there.

The point is that you YA U should take some initiative and know what's what, as should I, and as should everyone else. I don't know why but lately I feel like a very passive consumer and it makes me a bit upset because I don't like control or authority or being walked over and we get walked over all day every day but our OWN SHAMPOO BOTTLES it's really fucked up if you think about it. I'm terribly sorry that this is such a dismally written post, my mind is all over the place right now.

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