Sunday, February 10, 2013

DRAKE Drops the Video: Started From the Bottom

Drake ~ Started From The Bottom from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

Take a break from the Grammy's and watch one of the most inadvertently hilarious videos I've ever seen. Drake's spastic dance moves. Drake thinking he's a badass jumping out of a car despite the fact that I could manually push that car faster than it was going. The fake snow pelting him as he hops around like the Kangaroo-kid in Big Daddy.

Then we see Drake in a Shoppers Drug Mart uniform. PRETENDING TO BE A SHOPPERS STOCK BOY. Fucking around with his friends. Then we see his rich white mommy in front of her gigantic house shaking her newly coiffed blow-out. This is what the bottom looks like, kids! Taking a part-time job during your teens like EVERYBODY ELSE, not even working hard at it, and being scolded by mommy.

I mean, at least he's not pretending he was like selling rocks at Jane x Finch or break dancing on a cardboard box at Yonge x Dundas but like I dunno. I was just wheezing with horribly unattractive laughter the entire time I watched this. The Shoppers dudes were alright, and the pics of Toronto and the CN Tower from the plane held it down. But then they're in a mansion in slo-mo and it just brought me back to those late 90s Nelly/Ja Rule videos and I was like really Aubrey, not very creative, but hilarious nonetheless.

Thanks for the laugh drizzzzzzy

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