Sunday, April 7, 2013

Check-Up: April

Hello friends and readers and strangers and newcomers,

Unfortunately I don't have as much time to blog right now but I figured I'd do check-ups in the meantime. This is partly selfless as I want to say hi and keep you entertained (ARE U NOT ENTERTAINED) but I also partly want to record everything so I don't forget. Which I tend to do.

Right now I am listening to:

Addicted to How To Dress Well. Bit of a Jaar, James Blake, Prince feel to it. xxyyxx. I love.

Right now I am watching: 

I Am Love, Io Sono L'Amore 2009 Italian film dir: Luca Guadanino, starring Tilda Swinton. Visually stunning movie. Here are a few screenshots:

Right now I'm loving: 

Right now I'm thinking about:

Bought a beautiful Mykonos candle a couple days ago and some beautiful Mykonos-inspired pillows, so I've decided to redo my apartment for spring according to a Grecian-Island theme. Lots of white and billowing canopies and pops of bright colours, flowers, etc. These are the pillows and what I have so far:

I found the pillows at Indigo Bay&Bloor and absolutely loved the colors. I'm usually more of a solids person but these reminded me very much of a breezy tropical island or a beautiful white coastline. I love them with the big white duvet and the other blue thing is a silk blue robe from Victoria's Secret that I am obsessed with wearing because it makes me feel so luxe.

This airplane was a gift from a friend and is one of my favorite pieces ever. I have no idea where he got it but I saw it in his condo one day and stared at it lovingly so much that he very kindly gave it to me one day. It was sitting on a red avant-garde art book I picked up for 50c at a Kelly Library booksale a few months ago, but red is more of a winter color and I needed a change. So I found this in the middle of a Vanity Fair article about Mitt Romney and his island money. Bit outdated but the color scheme matches the pillows well and gives the airplane a whole new vibe. Don't mind the awkward Chuck on the right; Jordan was coming in from a patio cigarette.

I got these placemats at Stanford Mall in California with my mother last summer. I love the juicy pink and orange and the 60s psychedelic style to them. My mum adored them and they always remind me of her. Thought they match the Mykonos-pillows quite well, but are great because they add a pop of color to the rest of the blue things in the apartment. The candle looks much better in person and is the Mykonos candle I mentioned; smells beautiful and I don't burn myself trying to light it. The thingy it's sitting on is a piece I got with my boyfriend's mother. I fell in love with it on site: the colours are like the ocean, swirls of blues and pinks and purples with that metallic sheen of sea-shells. The fucking window guys broke it when they put in my new windows but I use it anyway.   

 I had some extra curtains left over and they're a beautiful light-weight sheer white that billows in the wind, so I put them over the desk in the corner like a canopy. In the corner I put a couple bags just because I liked the colours, two more scented candles in Rose Champagne and Bourbon Vanille, a very random plant that my boyfriend got me one day, a book my sister gave me called "The Meaning of Wife" which explores the idea of marriage, an Air Canada travel booklet because it fits the whole travel thing and just looked nice with the sparkling water, and last but not least my prized possession, a gold pocketwatch that I never wear because I'm too afraid of breaking/losing/sitting on it and so I always keep on display instead.

Anyway it's not much but I also live in a bachelor so it's not like I have 4 different rooms to play with. More to come!

Things I Want to Make/Do/Buy/Watch:

Some interesting looking movies I will be adding to my list of Things to Watch After Exams.

Would like to invest in a beautiful black-gold watch for my birthday. Obviously not these expensive but also NOT Michael Kors...

Saw this in a video store and need to watch it. Loved the cover art. Called Raising Arizona

Birthday present, please. Only $150 by Apple!

Candles in wine bottles. Next DIY.

Upside-down wine glasses. Well played.

The matte black ones might be my favorite. Site says spray paint them but I'm assuming it's dangerous to spray paint candles...........

Ignore the whole wedding part and imagine these on your coffee table, or hanging from a vase in your patio. Love that color. 

 Another watch I want for summer, by Daniel Wellington, lots of bands to choose from. 


 Want to try this with my lipstick. 

Things I Am Reading About Right Now

1. Iain Banks: Why I'm Supporting a Cultural Boycott of Israel here
2. Doris Payne, One of the World's Most Notorious Jewel Thieves here and here
3. Kathleen Hanna, Lead Singer of Le Tigre here
4. Getty Villa here and Oil Tycoon J. Paul Getty here 
5. My girl C.Z. Guest and Villa Artemis, West Palm Beach, here.. Apparently she was painted by Warhol but I can't find the portrait anywhere :(

Things I am Excited to Wear Out

My boyfriend's mum got me this beautiful periwinkle bandage dress. Fasted for a couple days to try it on and thank god it fit beautifully. I'm pale as anything at the moment but with a tan, some heels and a maybe a crisp white blazer this will be perfect for summer. Don't mind the junk.....

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